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Your impulse generator community for Lean Six Sigma & problem solving.

What is

The Lean Six Sigma Business Community connects people and companies with the latest practical knowledge on the subject of Lean Six Sigma.
It is aimed at managers, employees, companies and private individuals who want to successfully apply Lean Six Sigma, improve processes in a data-driven manner and solve problems in a highly effective way.
Membership is free of charge and without obligation. You get access to the best resources & latest approaches to make Lean Six Sigma a success in your environment and industry, whether you are a large corporation, SME or private individual.

What does our community offer you?

Lean Six Sigma

Be inspired by stories of how Lean Six Sigma has become a success in companies in a wide range of industries and under a wide range of conditions.

Tool templates

Get over 100 valuable tool templates on Lean Six Sigma and technical problem solving for immediate download.

Practice book Lean Six Sigma & Minitab

Get free access to the most important contents of the Lean Six Sigma bestseller #1.

Contrast-based problem solving

Learn how you can use contrast-based problem solving to solve complex technical problems without unnecessary detours and with simple statistics (Six Delta).

Resources from practice for practice

Numerous blog articles, explanatory videos, articles & experience reports provide you with customised recommendations & practical tips for your company.


Network with other companies & experts who are successfully practising Lean Six Sigma and benefit from the numerous advantages & experiences of our business community.

Which TOPICS are in focus?

Lean Six Sigma explained simply

Learn how to use Lean Six Sigma
simply explain & change dynamics
can generate.

Lean Six Sigma customised

Adapt Lean Six Sigma
targeted for all company sizes,
Industries & your needs.

Lean Six Sigma acceptance

Find out how you can achieve acceptance
for Lean Six Sigma,
Convince sceptics
and achieve real breakthrough improvements.

Green Lean

how you use energy
analyse & systematically
can reduce.

Lean Six Sigma in everyday life

Use Lean Six Sigma in everyday life,
for your life
and that of your family
to improve.

Lean Six Sigma & More

Achieve synergies through combination
of Lean Management with Six Sigma,
Change management, design thinking,
Agile and many other interesting approaches.

Lean Six Sigma 4 Admin

Learn the best
data-driven approaches
for administrative & non-technical

Lean Six Sigma & AI

Stay up to date,
find out about current trends
& how you can use Lean Six Sigma
you can achieve even more.



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Our community is just right for you if you want to introduce, apply, adapt, develop or simply get to know Lean Six Sigma in a practical way.

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